Basic Things You Need to Know About Google AMP and WordPress

Google AMP

AMP, a particular technology that has been rocking the mobile SEO was released a few years ago by Google. Stands for Accelerated Mobile Project, the AMP is an advanced technology translating Google need for faster mobile page loading including for users connected through 3G network. AMP helps the website users to view the content as fast as possible regardless of weak internet network.

AMP matters because it makes sure that there are more and more people having able to open and access the websites. In other words, AMP is crucial to improve the users’ experience. AMP is encouraged by Google in certain way using the premium real estate available in search result. However, the site should be AMP-enabled website which means the AMP should be installed first on the site.

How AMP Affects SEO

Although it is still unclear on the effect of AMP on SEO strategy, AMP is still considered a very useful tool. Currently, according to the announcement in 2016 by Gary Illyes, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, AMP is not considered a ranking signal.

Yet, this announcement hasn’t made everything clear about whether or not Google has yet incorporated AMP into its search algorithm. So, AMP is still an important part to consider particularly knowing the fact that pages of AMP enabled websites dominate the first page result in Google. Therefore, AMP and website rank definitely have strong correlation.

For users who particularly brows on mobile devices, lightning icon next to link is one way for them to recognize the pages which load faster. So, it’s like a hint to which website they should open instead of any higher ranking link of website without AMP. It can be concluded that AMP has positive effect in SERPs although its effect on SEO is still unclear.

Adding AMP to WordPress

Google AMP can be easily and smoothly added into the WordPress website. In fact, there is no coding or backend work that you have to do on your own. It takes only a few minutes to complete.

To begin the process, install the AMP for WordPress or AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages plugin first from WP admin dashboard. Following the activation, use the link in WP Admin to run through installation wizard. There is a design format available to be picked within the wizard. And, you can also decide the post with AMP content and add the analytics tracking data from Google.

When those processes are completed, your website now has already mobile-optimized with pages that will be displayed in Google SERPs. Some best features and options offered by this plugin include contact form support, mobile redirection, advertising placement and analytics management.

Your goal to increase website traffic can be achieved through AMP especially to reach the mobile users that have been dominating the current traffic lately. So, regardless of liking it or not, the Google AMP project is now here to stay. Spend a few moment to get your WordPress supported by AMP.

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