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Basic Things You Need to Know About Google AMP and WordPress

Google AMP

AMP, a particular technology that has been rocking the mobile SEO was released a few years ago by Google. Stands for Accelerated Mobile Project, the AMP is an advanced technology translating Google need for faster mobile page loading including for users connected through 3G network. AMP helps the website users to view the content as fast as possible regardless of weak internet network.

Astana, Clean and Minimalist WordPress Theme

Today we are proud to present our first WordPress theme, Astana. It’s a a clean and minimalist WordPress e-commerce focussed theme. Astana is fully integrated with the excellent WooCommerce plugin which is free, powerful and extendable, provides handy and full-fledged products selling on your store. Featuring a unique, responsive design optimized for mobile devices. It is the perfect theme for selling your catalog of products, small or large to users at their desktop computers, tablets or on their smartphones.

Welcome to WPNuke!

WPNuke colorful logo

After months of hard work WPNuke are finally shipping out the door. It’s time to make WordPress design easy for everyone. That’s why our team came together to launch WPNuke, and we’re thrilled to release our first theme today, Astana, a clean and minimalist eCommerce WordPress theme.